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Roman Aminov is an award winning estate lawyer in NYC and has helped thousands of New Yorker’s with medicaid eligibility requirements, estate/inheritance taxes, life estate deeds and much more. Want to know if you qualify for medicaid? Need to learn more about planning your estate? Call Roman now or start reading his guides now. Roman’s publications have received awards from top rated legal sites like AVVO & SuperLawyers. Once you start reading you will understand why Roman Aminov is the source for everything related to estate, probate & medicaid law. You may also call or visit him today at: Roman Aminov Esq. Estate, Probate & Elder Law of Queens 147-17 Union Tpke, Flushing, NY 11367 347-766-2685 aminovlaw.com

Do You Qualify For Medicaid in New York?

It’s the question everyone these days seems to be asking themselves: “Do I meet the qualifications to receive Medicaid?”. After the repeal of Obamacare this will be a question even more people ask. Financial times are tough and everyone wants free or subsidized health insurance. There is officially a new trend to try to attain government subsidized insurance. Roman Aminov has written extensively on this topic. Inheritance and estate law literally go hand in hand with medicaid compliance. For example, many people think that if they make their children living trusts for their assets and property they will automatically be eligible for medicaid. This may or may not be true and is contingent on many different aspects of the law and the estate. We invite you to join the tens of thousands of people who have chosen to learn about medicaid eligibility from the publications of Roman Aminov. View Roman’s article on medicaid qualification law in NY now. Don’t forget that you can reach out to Roman now and schedule your very own sit-down medicaid planning consultation at his Queens or Manhattan office.

Inheritance & Death Taxes After Death in NY

Sadly, as it stands, people do not live forever. It’s also unfortunate that when one passes away his family may have to share their inheritance with Uncle Sam. when they eventually pass away their assets will be subject to tax. Everyone would like to receive the most out of their inheritance and the last thing they want to do is give too much away to Uncle Sam. When planning an estate it’s absolutely imperative to understand all the tax laws, the amount of tax you will need to pay and to know if you have any legal wiggle room to increase the sum of your inheritance. Tens of thousands of readers nationwide have turned to Roman Aminov to help them understand everything they need to know about death and taxes in his renowned publication Tax After Death: How Much Of Your Inheritance Is Yours?.
Join the masses and read the above article if you want to get the most out of your estate planning. When you’re done you can set up a free sit-down consultation with Roman Aminov and get the most our of your estate (if you live in the New York City area that is).

Life Estate Deeds For Medicaid Planning

There is a recent trend that has became almost as popular as fidget spinners. To put it in simple terms, this fad involves putting your assets on someones name to make yourself eligible for medicaid allowing you to maintaini certain benefits and connections to the assets as long as you’re alive. Find out now from Roman Aminov if this “trick” to receiving medicaid through a life estate deed actually works. Is this actually legal? Does it really work? What are the risks involved? Have no fear as Roman Aminov, the most intellectual estate attorney in New York will answer all your questions if you just click on the aforementioned link.

NY Living Trusts: Love Your Family? Do It Right

It may feel uncomfortable listening to me preach about actions related to your estate that may be hurting your family, however you have a right to know. So here it is: When someone passes away all their assets will only be passed to their heirs after a tedious probate process at the surrogate court. Did you know that you can completely bypass this step and get the money right into your loved ones hands? That’s right, all you need to do is set up & fund a living trust for your estate and your heirs will inherit you easily and quickly. If you are asking what’s in it for you? Well, you will be able to receive a lot more benefits from Uncle Same since having your funds in a living trust will mean that you have no access to the money. If you really do not think you will need most of your assets during your lifetime this is surely the best bet.